Project Filter Questions (in left-hand panel)

  • Accessed via IRAS account
  • This will confirm the type of study you are doing and determine the questions asked in the main form
  • All the individual forms that are created as a result of this are in the left-hand panel

Portfolio Adoption form (PAF)

If you need RN or admin support for the study when it starts and your study is eligible to be adopted on to the portfolio – check eligibility

Complete the Portfolio Adoption Form

  • This is in left-hand panel of your new data set
  • Then go to E-Submission tab
  • Choose the Lead CLRN relevant to you from the drop down menu
  • Push submit as soon as you complete the form

Correspondence to do with this form will come from the Comprehensive Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre (CCRN CC) and will be an email address.

Complete Data Set

Start to complete whole form – this complete data set is the Ethics and central NHS R&D Form (and maybe MHRA if drug trial)

  • Remember to aim at lay people
  • Be concise
  • Justify why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • Justify your processes

Note: This is not the form to be used for your local Trust approval (see next section)